Researcher biography

Dr Cheng Peng’s research interests are in the area of environmental/occupational health, toxicology and molecular oncology. 

Cheng is also a joint Research Fellow at UQ Centre for Clinical Research (UQCCR), and conjunct Professor at Shandong Academy of Occupational health and Occupational Medicine, China. His research has focused on the study of health effects of environmental/industrial contaminants for health risk assessment, and investigation of the molecular mechanisms underlying benzene leukaemogenesis and silica-induced silicosis, particularly the role of AhR and DNA repair proteins in these diseases.  Cheng’s work also involves in the development of bioassays to monitor the harmful effects of environmental/industrial contaminants, identify people susceptible to these harmful factors; and screen compounds from Chinese herb medicine (CHM) with anti-leukaemia and anti-silicosis potencies for disease prevention and treatment.