Principal supervisor: Professor Jack Ng

Researcher biography

I have a Bachelor of Science (with Honors) and Master of Science (Thesis: environmental toxicology) degree in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology from Rajshahi University, Bangladesh. I have also Master of Philosophy degree in Chemistry from Chittagong University, Bangladesh. I started my PhD journey in January 2019. Prior to joining QAEHS, I was employed as a permanent faculty member at Chittagong University and engaged in several projects on environmental pollution from ship recycling wastes which involved meticulous investigation and quantitative research. I have a strong interest in heavy metal/loid (s) contamination in environmental matrices from ship wrecking wastes, particularly their bioavailability, transfer via food chain from the wastes and carcinogenicity studies (under toxicological approach) which focus on human health risks.

Journal Articles:

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2.  M. Jamaluddin Ahmed[a]*, M. Nasir Uddin[a] , M. Nazrul Islam[b],  M. Shahidul Islam[a] and M. Faridul Islam[c], 2013. Physicochemical Assessment of  Soil  Pollutants due to the Ship Breaking Activities and Its Impact on the Coastal Zone of Chittagong,  Bangladesh,  European Chemical Bulletin,  2(12), 975-980 (DOI:

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