Liesbeth Weijs is an ARC DECRA Research Fellow working at Griffith University. She obtained her PhD at the University of Antwerp in Belgium in 2013 and moved to Australia a few months later where she is continuing her work on marine wildlife toxicology. As an avid supporter of animal ethics, the 3R principle (replacement, reduction, refinement) and challenges in general, Liesbeth’s research focuses on developing minimally-invasive techniques and modelling tools to gain new insights into the exposure and potential impacts of environmentally relevant chemicals in larger marine species such as marine mammals, sharks and turtles. Liesbeth likes variety in her work which includes (but is not limited to) programming and developing computer based models, analysing tissue samples for a wide range of chemicals, performing necropsies on deceased marine wildlife, assisting/mentoring/supervising volunteers and students. Liesbeth is a former postdoc and ARC DECRA Research Fellow of QAEHS and continues collaborating with QAEHS for the analyses of pollutants (such as perfluorinated compounds) in wildlife.