Researcher biography

Professor Michele Haynes is an internationally recognised research leader in the field of social statistics with expertise in the design and analysis of complex longitudinal social surveys, life course research, and modelling dynamic social processes. She is ISSR’s Deputy Director of Research and she leads the Research Methods and Social Statistics program within the Institute. Michele is also a Chief Investigator on the ARC Centre of Excellence in Children and Families over the Life Course (the Life Course Centre) for the study of intergenerational disadvantage.

Michele provides national advice and leadership in the area of social statistics and epidemiology. She is the Section Coordinator and Chair of the Statistical Society of Australia’s Social Statistics Section, and the former Executive Director of the Australian Data Archive (ADA), Queensland node.  She has authored more than 70 publications in the areas of social and health statistics, sociological and survey methodology and is a member of the Society for Longitudinal and Lifecourse Studies in the United Kingdom.

Michele also leads ISSR’s Methods for Social Analysis and Statistics training program for government, researchers and industry, and she has important skills in communicating technical information to audiences with diverse backgrounds.

Current Research Topics

Michele has recent publications in statistics, sociology and health journals and also undertakes contract research. Current research interests include developing methodology for longitudinal social survey data, dual-frame telephone survey, analysing big administrative and unstructured data, and for estimating generalized probability distributions, particularly using Bayesian techniques.

Grant Highlights

Most recently, Michele is a Chief Investigator on the ARC Centre of Excellence in Children and Families over the Life Course for the study of intergenerational disadvantage. She was previously second CI on an ESRC grant (UK) to analyse interrelationships between housing transitions and fertility using the BHPS and HILDA panel surveys and first CI on an ARC Discovery grant for research in the spatial and social drivers of unemployment transitions.

ARC Discovery Project Grant 2016-2019

ID: DP160100494

Memmott, P., Haynes, M., O’Rourke, T. and Baffour, B. Evidence of Indigenous experience of healthcare settings to improve health.

ARC Centre of Excellence 2014-2021.

ID: CE140100027

Baxter, J., Zubrick, S., Cobb-Clark, D., Western, M., Mazerolle, L., Sanders, M., Harmon, C., Haynes, M. and Lawrence, D. Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course.

ARC Linkage Grant 2013-2016:

Haynes, M., Baffour, B., Western, M., Pennay, D., Mission, S., Challice, G.

Enhancing social research in Australia using dual-frame telephone surveys.

AHURI (Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute) Grant 2013

Parsell, C., Haynes, M., James, A.

An evaluation of the nature and effectiveness of models of supportive housing.

Research Fellows

  • Danilo Bolano
  • Bernard Baffour
  • Melanie Spallek
  • Jason Ferris

Key Publications

  1. Baffour B., Haynes M., Dinsdale S., Western M. and Pennay, D. (In Press). Profiling the Mobile-only Population in Australia: Insights from the Australian National Health Survey. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Public Health, Accepted 10 March 2016.
  2. O’Flaherty, M., Baxter, J., Haynes, M., Turrell, G. (In Press). The Family Life Course and Health: Partnership and Fertility Histories and Physical Health Trajectories in Later Life. Demography, Accepted 11 February 2016.
  3. Baffour, B., Haynes, M., Western, M., Pennay, D., Misson, S. and Martinez Jnr, A. (In Press). Weighting strategies for combining data from dual frame telephone surveys: evidence from Australia. Journal of Official Statistics, Accepted 12 January 2016.
  4. Haynes M., Baxter, J., Hewitt, B and Western, M. (2015). Time on housework and selection into and out of relationships in Australia: A multiprocess, multilevel approach. Longitudinal and Life Course Studies. 6(3): 245-263.
  5. Spallek, M., Haynes, M., & Jones, A. (2014). Holistic housing pathways for Australian families through the childbearing years. Longitudinal and Life Course Studies, 5, 205-226.
  6. Western, M., Haynes, M., Baffour, B. And Perales, F. (2014) The case for a new Australian birth cohort study: report prepared for the Commonwealth Government Department of Social Services, September 2014.