Principal supervisor: Professor Jochen Mueller

Researcher biography

Christie has worked as a full time research assistant in Prof Jochen Mueller’s group since joining QAEHS (formerly Entox) in 2010.  Her primary research focus has been on monitoring the spatial and temporal trends of a vast range of organic micropollutants in water (including pesticides, herbicides, personal care products, perfluorinated chemicals and natural halogenated products) using a variety of grab and passive sampling techniques. She has experience in the field deploying passive samplers in both marine and freshwater environments as well as in the laboratory extracting a wide range of different environmental matrices (water, waste water, sediment, biosolids). In 2014 she commenced a part time PhD investigating the sources, presence and fate of persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic chemicals in Australian landfills, and their potential for reintroduction into the environment through leachate release.