This project aims to design a study to address the question: does CSG activity in the NSW region influence human health, and if so, how and to what degree? This project will begin to address the community interest in a more explicit evaluation of potential human health risks and impacts from CSG. This study, Phase 1, focuses on a review of the state of knowledge about health impacts of CSG activity and identification of gaps in the knowledge base and the design of a study to address these gaps. The study design produced in Phase 1 will be used to develop proposals for the implementation of the study that would be carried out in Phase 2.  CSIRO are leading Phase 1 and, working together with QAEHS, will draw upon a pool of subject experts in environmental monitoring, exposure assessments, (eco)toxicology, epidemiology, human health risk assessments, risk communication and community engagement.

Project members

Prof Jochen Mueller

Theme Leader, Emerging Environmental Health Risks