Queensland Alliance announced

16 February 2016

The University of Queensland has been announced as the successful bid partner of Queensland Health for the establishment of a Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences.

Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences Executive Dean Bruce Abernethy said the announcement ensured UQ would continue to play a leading role in environmental health risk assessment and toxicology.

“I’m particularly delighted at this news, which expands the scope of the exciting and meaningful work we already undertake in this area,” Professor Abernethy said.

 “We live in a time where achieving sustainable and healthy environments, coupled with the protection of human health, provides significant challenges.

“As with our combined endeavours across a large number of fields, we look forward to a productive and ongoing partnership with Queensland Health for the benefit of the community.

“This new body has the potential to serve as a platform for the eventual creation of a national research and education program for environmental health, as exists in other countries.”

The announcement ensures continuation of current and planned projects by UQ and Queensland Health at the National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology (ENTOX) at Coopers Plains.

Director of ENTOX Professor Matti Lang said he was pleased to see support for experts who have dedicated their lives to quantifying and combatting potential threats to ecosystems.

“The investment by Queensland Health and UQ is crucial for the survival and development of our existing research programs,” Professor Lang said.

“This is a health sector of increasing importance worldwide.

“Monitoring the accumulation of contaminants in food, environmental poisons, drug residues and toxins in the air, water and soil are just a few examples of the work we conduct.

“We are already working with Queensland Health on research, including the links between childhood exposure to certain toxins and the development of chronic disease in later life.”


UQ Communications Robert Burgin
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