The Summer and Winter Research Programs provide students with an opportunity to gain research experience working alongside some of the university’s leading academics and researchers.

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Available QAEHS Summer Research Programs:

Dr Pradeep Shukla: Mathematical modelling of accidental pollutant release in a waterbody using passive sampler

The research project involves developing a mathematical model of drugs and pollutant transport inside the adsorbent pores of a passive sampler. The modelling exercise will involve understanding the sorption kinetics and equilibrium of the given species of interest. Some experimental analysis to determine the transport parameters will be required. Students with strong background in numerical methods, MATLAB coding and knowledge of solving partial differential equations are preferred.

Duration: 5 weeks
Expected hours per week: Between 36 hours
Preferred commencement date: 22 June 2020
Campus: St Lucia or Woolloongabba (PACE)


How to apply for the Winter Research Program