QAEHS hosts 2024 QMSS

23 Feb 2024
Phd student Liam O'Brien presenting at QMSS 2024
PhD student Liam O'Brien presenting his work at QMSS 2024.

QAEHS hosted the 2024 Queensland Mass Spectrometry Symposium at the UQ Dutton Park campus on Friday 9th February. The one-day symposium was well attended with 130 delegates from a range of national universities and industry organisations.

Attendees were provided with the opportunity to showcase their research (with a total of 26 presentations including a Plenary Presentation from Professor Susan Bengtson Nash from Griffith University), networking around mass spectrometry technology and sample preparation methodologies in all aspects of biomedical, biochemical, chemical, environmental and analytical research and applications. They were also provided with the opportunity to tour the QAEHS research facilities.

The event was supported by sponsors, PM Separations, Shimadzu, SCIEX and Peak Scientific.

There was a total of three award categories. Winners were determined by a Judging Panel which included Professor Sally-Ann Poulsen and Dr Michaela Lerch from Griffith University, Mr Jeff Herse and Dr Ashley Tronoff from Queensland Health, Dr Raj Gupta and Dr Wan-Ping Hu from the Queensland University of Technology, Dr Utpal Boseand Dr Cassandra Pegg from the CSIRO, and Dr Nathan Charlton, Dr Ian Zammit, Dr Cassandra Rauert and Dr Ayomi Jayarathne from The University of Queensland.

QAEHS would like to thank the organising committee, the delegates who made it a great event, and congratulate all of the winners for their exceptional presentations.

Award Winners

5 Minute Presentations

Winner: Joseph Raphael (The University of Queensland)
Runner Up: Jack Klose (Griffith University)

10 Minute Presentations

Winner: Amanda Dawson (CSIRO)
1st Runner Up: Daniel Broszcak (Queensland University of Technology)
2nd Runner Up: Janelle Hancock (Translational Research Institute of Australia (TRI))
Commendation: Liam O'Brien (The University of Queensland)
Commendation: Jasper Stone (The University of Queensland)

15 Minute Presentations

Winner: Shulei Liu (The University of Queensland)
Runner Up: Craig Barry (The University of Queensland)

Queensland Mass Spectrometry Symposium (QMSS) serves to connect the Queensland mass spectrometry user base, and those interested in this technology across a diverse range of disciplines.