This study anonymously and confidentially collects data by means of fire station sampling, online survey, blood, urine, semen and breast milk contributions. The aim is to assess firefighter exposure due to smoke, consider potential reproductive ramifications, and to make suggestions on improving conditions to promote reduced exposure.

Please note this is a PhD Student Mid-Candidature seminar.

Michelle Engelsman is a part-time PhD Candidate and full-time Firefighter based in NSW. Her research study, “Firefighter Exposure Risks and Subsequent Reproductive Effects” is a leading study working directly with Australian Fire Organisations and Firefighters to capture much needed survey and biomonitoring information surrounding exposure risks and reproductive history. The study considers pathways for both chronic and acute exposure, firefighter practices, fire station hygiene, firefighter reproductive history, and firefighter chemical burden. Blood, urine and breast milk samples are being collected and analysed for a range of chemicals firefighters have been found to be occupationally exposed to, and semen will be assessed for quality.


PACE Building, 20 Cornwall Street, Woolloongabba
Interaction Space (Room 4002)