We are exposed to thousands of chemicals over the course of a lifetime (the exposome). Using even the most advanced chemical analysis instrumentation, we are unable to determine the extent of the chemicals we are exposed to let alone the limitations of our analytical methods. In this project, a set reference standards will be developed to characterise the limitations of current analytical methods for understanding the human exposome particularly in regards to limitations of high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) urinalysis. This will help us understand the limitations of current methods and what needs improvement to better characterise the exposome.

Youngjoon Jeon completed his Bachelor of Chemical Engineering in 2013 followed by a Masters degree of Environmental Studies in 2015. After he worked for his military service at the National Forensic Service in Korea for 3 years, he joined QAEHS in 2019 to complete his PhD. His research entails characterising archived environmental and human biomonitoring samples with high resolution mass spectrometric methods.

Please note this is a student PhD Confirmation review presentation.


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