Researcher biography

Gab received a Bachelor of Science majoring in Food Science from The University of Queensland in 2015. After graduating he worked in the private sector for a National Beverage Manufacturer. During this work, Gab was responsible for managing the ongoing quality assessment during production. Gab joined QAEHS in 2017 and started working on various consultancy projects which involved monitoring of trace organic contaminants in drinking water catchments as well as other marine environments. In the laboratory he has worked extensively with Passive samplers and is trained in:

  • Preparation/ extraction of Chemcatchers/Empore disks for polar organic chemicals Preparation/extraction of PDMS samplers for non-polar contaminants.
  • Preparation/extraction of Micro Porous Tubes (i.e. Polyethylene Tubes) used for PFAS and drugs monitoring.
  • Solid phase extraction of water for PPCP’s, Pesticides and PFAS.

Gab also collaborated and provided lab support for several Research projects, some of the projects include:

  • PFAS monitoring in the in aquatic environments using Passive samplers (PE tubes),
  • monitoring of neonicotinoid levels in fresh water also with the application of PE tubes;
  • Determination of the effects of pesticide and herbicides in aquatic species.
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of Dioxins in Advanced WWTP.

Lately Gab has been involved in a nationwide project looking at illicit and licit drugs levels in wastewater working with Dr Ben Tscharke and Dr Jake O’Brien.