Honorary Prof Matt Taylor is a Principal Research Scientist with the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries - Fisheries (DPI-Fisheries), and a Conjoint Professor with University of Newcastle, Australia. His research is broadly focussed on the scientific development and subsequent application of innovative approaches to improve both fisheries productivity and sustainability, and he has authored 110 peer-reviewed contributions to international journals. He is principally a fisheries ecologist with a focus on prawn fisheries, but has worked on contamination in exploited (fisheries) species on behalf of the New South Wales Government for a number of years, most recently on PFAS contamination. He sits on a range of high-level government committees dealing with aquatic contamination.

Matt collaborates with a number of QAEHS scientists on PFAS in aquatic species. This research covers a broad range of topics including bioaccumulation in aquatic species, and exposure risk through consumption of seafood.