Lesa L. Aylward, Ph.D., is a Principal at Summit Toxicology, LLP, located in Falls Church, Virginia, USA, and is an Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Queensland, Australia, Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences (QAEHS).  She has more than 30 years of experience in chemical risk assessment and hazard communication. She specializes in the use and interpretation of human biomonitoring data in human health risk assessment and environmental epidemiology. Dr. Aylward has published extensively on the development of tools for screening-level evaluation of population biomonitoring data for a wide range of chemical compounds in a risk assessment context. Dr. Aylward is a board member of the US NAS Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology and a member of the NAS Committee on Emerging Science for Environmental Health Decisions.  She is an active member of the International Society for Exposure Science, the Society of Toxicology (Exposure, Biological Modeling, and Risk Assessment Specialty Sections) and the Society for Risk Analysis. Dr. Aylward is co-Editor-in-Chief at Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology and an Associate Editor at Environment International

Dr. Aylward partners with QAEHS scientists for studies that use human biomonitoring to study exposures to a wide variety of environmental chemicals in the Australian population. These studies include assessment of factors influencing exposure levels, statistical analyses to enable extrapolation of results across populations, assessment of trends, and consideration of potential sources of exposure.