Dr Greg Jackson is the Director of the Water Unit in the Health Protection Branch of the Department of Health in the Australian state of Queensland. He is responsible for health policy, regulation, health risk assessment, technical guidance and major incident response for drinking water, recycled water, recreational waters and public aquatic facilities in Queensland. He also manages the Queensland Water Fluoridation Program and leads the Queensland Government’s response to risks from Legionella, and other hazards, in the water systems of hospitals and residential aged care.

Greg is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, a member of the Recreational Water Quality Advisory Panel of the National Health and Medical Research Council, a member of the Water Quality Expert Reference Panel of the Australian Environmental Health Standing Committee and is also a member of the Scientific Planning Committee for QAEHS, where he also holds an appointment as Adjunct Associate Professor.

Greg greatly values his relationship with QAEHS, as it gives him (and his colleagues in environmental health) opportunities, as a Partner Investigator, to participate in innovative research projects as well as access to world class expertise in environmental health science. Queensland Health’s partnership with UQ, through QAEHS is of exceptional value to the Department and will continue to play a role in keeping Queenslanders healthy.