Timothy completed his PhD in discovering bioactive peptides in Australian snake venom in 2014 at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience UQ. He joined QBI in 2015 as a chemical analyst investigating the effects of low maternal vitamin D on newborns. Timothy joined ENTOX/QAEHS in 2016 and manages the Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry platforms of the group. This area facilitates the measurement of small, often polar molecules of environmental interest including pesticides, PFAS, PPCP’s and illicit drugs in a range of matrices. QAEHS is equipped with a powerful suite of LCMS instruments to facilitate this analysis, including a SCIEX 5500Qtrap, 6500Qtrap, and a 6500QQQ for quantitative work, plus a SCIEX X500R and 5600+ for high resolution research. In addition, the facility operates and maintains a SCIEX 7500 as part of a collaboration project and has access to a SCIEX 7500 demonstration mass spectrometer.