Researcher biography

Gilda Carvalho is a Senior Lecturer at UQ and coordinator of the Master of Engineering in Urban Water Engineering. Gilda's research is in the fields of environmental and industrial biotechnology. She has lead research in the areas of N & P removal from wastewater, micropollutants, membrane biofouling, as well as the production of biopolymers (polyhydroalkanoates) from waste/wastewater. One of her major points of interest has been linking microbial ecology to process performance in bioengineering processes. Gilda has published 75 peer reviewed papers to date (H-index 26), and has participated in >30 research projects (5 of which as coordinator). Gilda is a dedicated lecturer and experienced RHD supervisor. She has extensive teaching experience in Chemical/Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology, and she has supervised 13 PhD students (5 ongoing) and 2 post-doc fellows.