Ryan Shiels received his Bachelor of Health Science (Hons) in 2013 from Griffith University on the Gold Coast. In 2014 he received a Patricia Barlow PhD Scholarship, continuing his work with A/Prof Andrew Bulmer in the School of Medical Science in the Griffith Health Group. During his PhD, Ryan performed extensive ground-up method development using LCMS for quantification and characterisation of unknown biological pigments related to bilirubin. He also performed pharmacokinetic and efficacy research in order to assess the anti-inflammatory potential of the unknown compounds. His current role as a Senior Research Technician at QAEHS continues to expand his analytical and laboratory based skills.

His research capabilities include:

  • Isolation, purification and identification of metabolites via HPLC, LCMS and NMR
  • Analysis of compounds which are highly sensitive to degradation
  • LCMS quantification
  • Data handling, planning and implementation of VBA code for managing large databases
  • Chemical synthesis for structural confirmation
  • Preparation/review of technical documents and manuscripts


Diagnostic criteria and contributors to Gilbert’s syndrome - Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (2018) - Karl-Heinz Wagner, Ryan G. Shiels, Claudia Anna Lang, Nazlisadat Seyed Khoei & Andrew C. Bulmer

Unprecedented Microbial Conversion of Biliverdin into Bilirubin-10-sulfonate – Scientific Reports (2019) - Ryan G. Shiels, Josif Vidimce, Andrew G. Pearson, Ben Matthews, Karl-Heinz Wagner, Andrew R. Battle, Harry Sakellaris & Andrew C. Bulmer .

The impact of bilirubin ditaurate on platelet quality during storage – platelets (2019) - Evan N. Pennell, Ryan G.  Shiels, Josif Vidimce, Karl-Heinz Wagner, Sapha Shibeeb & Andrew C. Bulmer

Development of an intravaginal ring for the topical delivery of Aurora kinase A inhibitor, MLN8237 – PLoS ONE - Yaman Tayyar, Ryan G. Shiels, Andrew C. Bulmer, Alfred K. Lam, Daniel Clarke, Adi Idris, Nigel A. McMillan