Shelby is a professional research project manager, who has provided project coordination for number of health and environmental project at the University of Queensland for the past 13 years. Shelby has directly managed the last six major projects for the Mater-University of Queensland Study of Pregnancy (MUSP) study. She has more recently managed two nationwide studies investigating PFAS exposure in ARFFS employees and exposed communities as well as other smaller projects at QAEHS. She has also worked on evaluations projects for ISSR.

Shelby is an agile and experienced mixed-methods researcher who delivers research that addresses mental and social domains relevant to women, child and youth mental health. She has expertise in project management, the longitudinal measurement of outcomes, the development of study protocols and the data collection techniques to improve those outcomes. She has conducted research on various health and wellbeing outcomes and their determinants, including mental illness, alcohol and drug dependence, behaviour problems from childhood to early adulthood, children's mental health and physical health over time, social and psychological factors in obstetric outcomes, and determinants of health and well-being through the life course.


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