Emerson is a Senior Research Analyst/Assistant at the Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences (QAEHS). He is working on the Minderoo Foundation funded project on Plastics and Human Health, where he will primarily be investigating plastic additive chemicals in human matrices.

Emerson received his Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Chemistry from Griffith University in 2020 and completed his honours in environmental science at QAEHS (UQ). His work experience has primarily been in the higher education industry. From 2019, he worked as a Technical Officer in the Chemistry Teaching Laboratory at Griffith University. This involved research support as well as demonstrating and developing practical components for undergraduate courses. Then, from 2021, as a Research Assistant within the Southern Ocean Persistent Organic Pollutants Program at Griffith University. This involved managing a small organic chemistry laboratory as well as the collection and extraction of environmental samples (including whale blubber and Antarctic seawater) for the analysis of persistent organic pollutants.