Dr Christine Baduel is a researcher at IRD, the French Research Institute for Sustainable Development. She is based at the Institute of Environmental Geosciences (IGE) in Grenoble, France. Dr Baduel's research group focuses on the study of the occurrence, behavior and fate of organic pollutants of emerging concern (pharmaceuticals, PFAS, flame retardants, tire additives, etc.) in aquatic systems. Due to the diversity of contaminants and the increasing number of new chemicals entering the market, they also develop and apply innovative analytical strategies (multi-residues analysis, suspected and non-targeted analysis) to characterize chemical contamination and to prioritize emerging contaminants to be investigated and included in risk management frameworks and monitoring plans.

Dr Baduel is developing strong and equitable partnerships with countries around the globe. She is leading or involved in several research projects in Vietnam, Cambodia, Morocco, Bolivia and Mexico. Dr Baduel is an Honorary Associate Researcher at the University of Queensland, Australia, Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences (QAEHS). She works with QAEHS researchers on projects related to wastewater-based epidemiology.