Visiting QAEHS

Please note due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions we are not accepting visitors at this time.

Chris Higgins, Prof Jochen Mueller and Prof Michael McLachlan
Prof Chris Higgins (Colorado School of Mines) [L] and Prof Michael McLachlan (Stockholm University) [R] visit with Prof Jochen Mueller (QAEHS).

QAEHS hosts a number of short and long term research visitors each year, reflecting our international reputation for open collaboration and serving to enhance our position as a leading centre for environmental health science research.

Things to Consider For Your Visit

  • Review QAEHS’ current research (link to theme landing page)
  • Decide on a researcher to collaborate with 
  • Consider which Visa you will apply for and please note the processing time associated with the visa you are applying for (link to Home affairs) *Please note: we cannot provide information on which visa to apply for
  • Insurance: it is up to individual visitors to ensure they have sufficient insurance to cover them while in Australia
  • Complete the Expression of Interest form and send to

QAEHS cannot provide advice on which Visa to apply for. Please contact the Department of Home Affairs if you have questions about which visa to apply for in order to enter Australia.


If your EOI is accepted, QAEHS will:

  • Put you in contact with a current QAEHS student. They can provide advice on moving to Australia, suggestions for accommodation options for your visit and other assorted questions that you may have
  • Initiate the HR process. Note: you will be required to submit additional documents including:
    • Visitor Form Part A
    • Copy of your Passport
    • Copy of your Visa (when you receive it)
    • CV
    • Letter of support from your home institute
    • Evidence of financial support


Information on living in Brisbane

Transport from the airport on your arrival:

The following are telephone numbers to call in case of emergency:

  • Medical emergencies 000
  • Fire 000
  • Police 000