Through its partnership with Queensland Health, QAEHS has funding available for University of Queensland-led environmental health science research projects.

QAEHS intends to distribute funds in two ways:

  • as either Queensland Health ‘Partner Cash Contributions’ to ARC, NHMRC and other National Competitive Grants (Category 1), Queensland Government and other government grants (Category 2), and any other grants that require such contributions (e.g. NHMRC Partnership Grants, ARC Linkage or LIEF); or
  • stand-alone ‘Seed’ funding for pilot work to position QAEHS members to compete successfully for later rounds of external Category 1 or 2 grants.

Criteria for decision-making will include:

  • strategic value to QAEHS;
  • strategic value to Queensland Health;
  • excellence of proposed project/usefulness of equipment;
  • research excellence of team; and
  • value for money.

Funds per grant will be capped at a maximum of $40,000 per year for Partner Cash or in total for Seed Funding. Queensland Health ‘Partner Cash Contributions’ will take priority over ‘Seed’ funding

Applications can be submitted at any time throughout the year, but assessments will occur quarterly and applicants notified promptly of the results. Download an application form here, and please email QAEHS Administration at for any additional information.