A/Prof Luke Knibbs is from the School of Public Health at UQ. He is interested in teaching and researching the interactions between health and the environment, with a key focus on air pollution. He has a special interest in identifying ways to improve exposure assessment. In this talk, he will give an overview of recent epidemiological studies on outdoor air pollution performed in Australia and overseas, including their implications for policy.

Luke Knibbs conducts research and teaching on the health effects of environmental risk factors, with a specific focus on air pollution and bioaerosols (airborne particles of biological origin).

Luke is an Associate Professor of Environmental Health and joined the School of Public Health in 2012. Prior to that, he did 3 years' postdoctoral training at the International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health. He has a special interest in understanding the burden of disease due to anthropogenic air pollution and transmission of respiratory pathogens via bioaerosols.



PACE Building, 20 Cornwall Street, Woolloongabba
Interaction Space (Room 4002)