Drug testing (including human hair, urine biological samples, and wastewater samples) requires miniaturization, on-site, real-time rapid analysis mass spectrometers with high sensitivity. Sewage sampling requires automated, intelligent, and networked sewage samplers with rapid freezing function. This seminar provides an overview of new and innovative technologies and products developed by the Scientific Instrument Innovation Team of Ningbo University and China Innovation Instrument Co., Ltd.  for drug testing and sewage sampling, including portable mass spectrometry, fully automatic sewage samplers and mobile wastewater analysis lab (van based).

Professor Luhong Wen is the leader of Scientific Instrumentation Innovation Team at Ningbo University and CEO of China Innovation Instrument Co., Ltd. His research is focusing on the public health by developing portable mass spectrometers for drug testing in human samples (hair, urine), wastewater analysis, and medical testing. Additionally, he has developed other scientific instrument products such as mobile wastewater analysis lab (van based) and auto sewage sampler.