A user-friendly digital prediction tool for dengue prevention

Mekong Delta Region (MDR) of Vietnam is highly vulnerable to climate change which results in elevated mosquito-borne dengue outbreaks. The current dengue control implementation is passive without the proactive mobilising of the local health practitioners and community to promptly conduct the preventive actions to reduce dengue outbreaks due to the absence of a dengue early warning system. This proposed study aims to build upon our previously developed prediction model and develop a web-based and mobile applications (Apps) to use as early warning tools to mobilise community efforts to prevent outbreaks in high-risk provinces of the MDR. It is our goal/objective to make significant contributions to local health practitioners and communities by timely prediction and prevention of dengue outbreaks.

Research Impact

This project engages multidisciplinary experts and stakeholders from multiple institutions including governmental organisations, professional institutes, and universities worldwide.

Project members

Dr Dung Phung

Theme Leader, Climate Change and Health

A/Prof Nicholas Osborne

Theme Leader, Environmental Health Epidemiology