Exposure mapping - Combining wastewater analysis with human biomonitoring

ARC Discovery Project

This project aims to use wastewater samples collected from >100 catchments (65% of the Australian population) during the 2016 Census to spatially resolve human exposure to chemicals. This data will then form the basis for focused human biomonitoring using pooled surplus pathology samples. The integration of wastewater and biomonitoring data will allow the creation of a national hazard specific exposure map that can be compared with geospatial data on disease risk and socioeconomic indicators via Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) information. The benefits are associated both with the development of this new approach and the capability to identify and manage exposure risks to public health.

Research Impact

The results from this project regarding the temporal trends of plasticizers in wastewater and human serum were used in the annual report of the Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment to discuss potential regulations on new plasticizers. 

Research Outputs

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Project members

Prof Jochen Mueller

Theme Leader, Emerging Environmental Health Risks

Prof Kevin Thomas

QAEHS Director
and Theme Leader, Environmental Health Toxicology