Microplastics: Long Term Effects of Plastic Additive Chemicals on Marine Organisms

MicroLEACH - The Research Council of Norway

Microplastics are an important part of marine litter that affects marine ecosystems, not only through their physical presence as solid polymeric particles but also through an array of additive chemicals, and possibly absorbed chemicals. MicroLEACH will specifically focus on how microplastics originating from the fragmentation of marine litter and their associated chemical additives affect marine ecosystems by addressing long-term effects, accumulation, and trophic transfer throughout the marine food web.


This project has identified new data on chemicals leaching out of common plastic consumer products. It has also generated new data on the effects of microplastics and leachates on a range of marine organisms. This has helped the development of guidelines for methods for assessing the effects of microplastics on the environment.  

Project members

Prof Kevin Thomas

QAEHS Director
and Theme Leader, Environmental Health Toxicology

Dr Cassandra Rauert

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Pradeep Dewapriya

Research Fellow