Using Multiple Data Sources to Understand the Opioid Crisis in Australia

ARC Linkage Project

This project aims to improve the quality and integration of population-level data for monitoring the consumption of opioids, licit and illicit, in Queensland communities. The analysis of opioids in wastewater, integrated with opioid use information such as prescription and seizure statistics will vastly increase knowledge of consumption patterns of opioids. By analysing wastewater samples from 2011 and triangulating with other datasets, the expected outcomes include building capacity to estimate consumption of all opioids; and detecting the misuse of licit and illicit opioids over time. An anticipated benefit is to provide objective evidence of opioid use patterns for decision makers and a framework for a national opioid monitoring program.

Project members

A/Prof Phong Thai

Co-Theme Leader, Environmental Health Risk Assessment

Dr Ben Tscharke

Senior Research Fellow