Researcher biography

Dr. Wang has been working over the last ten years developing approaches for monitoring, identification and analysis of organic chemical pollutants in the environment and human. He led the research contributing to new understanding on the spatial and temporal trends in concentrations of atmospheric pollutants, new/changing source profiles and global comparative data. His research also provided insight of novel/emerging contaminants that can emit from thermodynamic processes such as bushfires and for the first time determined their emission factors. On the other hand, through human biomonitoring approaches, his research work provides new knowledge of age trends of contaminants with emerging concern (CEC) in general population with a particular focus on infants and young children under 12-year old. His work identified age trends in exposure levels of a wide range of CECs and sensitive factors for infants and young children for the first time. Outcomes have led to a novel finding of changing source patterns at different ages for different chemicals.