M3 Architecture awarded for Minderoo Lab design

6 Jul 2023
Minderoo Lab
Minderoo Centre - Plastics and Human Health lab

In 2022, M3 Architecture designed and completed the build of the Minderoo Centre – Plastics and Human Health plastic-free laboratory. M3 Architecture have now received a Small Project Architecture award at the 2023 Australian Institute of Architects Awards for the Minderoo Lab design.

 The Queensland Jury Citation:

The Minderoo Centre demonstrates the skill of the architect in researching and delivering for technically complex project requirements. This project is not about beauty; it’s about process, knowledge, and capability, and the architect has harnessed all of these to dig deep and meet functional scientific requirements for a nanoplastic and human health laboratory that is free of plastics and other contaminants.

PhD student working in the Minderoo lab
PhD student Ken Tang working in the Minderoo Centre lab

The ability of the architect to go ‘back to basics’ and test every element of the design and construction, from floor to walls to ceilings to equipment, in order to remove all plastic shows a commitment to the demands of a tenacious brief for a unique and world-leading research facility. 

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