QAEHS in Focus: Kirsten Marano

16 Feb 2024

QAEHS in Focus shines the spotlight on QAEHS staff and students to showcase the expertise and talent within our Centre.

How long have you worked at QAEHS?

I started here in May of 2023, so I’ve been a constant delight to my team for about nine months now.

How do you explain your job to people?

I usually go with some iteration of human and/or environmental health monitoring. Sometimes it’s drug monitoring projects with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission and national wastewater treatment plants, other times I’m using a coffee grinder to blend compost samples.

What is your favourite thing about working at QAEHS?

The supportive work environment – everyone is so generous with their time and knowledge, and always willing to lend a hand. The ever-evolving nature of research means that there’s always new opportunities to learn and grow with the work. The diversity within QAEHS is pretty amazing.

What is something you learned in the last week?

Venus rotates backwards and takes longer to make a full planetary rotation than it does to rotate the sun.

What has been your career path that led to your current position at QAEHS?

I graduated from university and moved straight into working as a QC chemist for one of the biggest suppliers of generic pharmaceuticals in Australia. The work there was highly scrutinised, fast paced, and at times stressful, but gave me the opportunity to work with so many different technical instruments. After five years I decided to look for a change of scenery while still wanting to remain true to my personal ethos of working to reduce harm to the lives of those around me. A friend’s recommendation eventually led to me arriving at QAEHS. 

What is your favourite movie?

I love movies too much to pick one, so here’s a top 4: Portrait de la jeune fille en feu, Bad Times at the El Royale, Ex Machina, and About Time. I’m a sucker for very bad horror movies or any movie that makes me cry.

Random fact you would like to share about yourself.

I have an uncanny and very real ability to win randomly drawn prizes.