QAEHS attends the Milbi Festival

10 Nov 2021

QAEHS researchers attend the Milbi Festival

QAEHS researchers, Dr Nathan Charlton, Elvis Okoffo, Stacey O’Brien and Tania Toapanta, were recently invited to attend the Milbi Festival in Bundaberg. They spoke at Bundaberg North State High School and at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre for the Milbi Festival, explaining how microplastics can harm marine life. Featured on Bundaberg Now.

The Milbi Festival celebrated the region’s iconic turtle encounters, connecting to salt water and freshwater country and encompassing the broader and complimentary themes of environmental care, connection to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, water catchments and local storytelling, making the festival unique to the region. Through an arts and culture framework, the festival provided a range of opportunities for artists, arts and community organisations to get involved. Turtles, arts, culture and Indigenous heritage were the foundation pillars for the festival that celebrated the unique identity, spirit and livability of the Bundaberg Region.