Research projects

wastewater drainsSewAus: Wastewater monitoring program



Great Barrier ReefBehaviour and Fate of Neonicotinoids in Australian Aquatic Environment



Wastewater drainSources and Fate of Contaminants in Aquatic Ecosystems Focusing on Persistence in Real Environments


SamplesInnovative Sampling Strategies for Improved Wastewater-based Epidemiology



Best practice tilesEvaluation and Implementation of Methods to Increase Comprehensiveness of Non-Target Analysis



Wastewater drainsPhthalates and Bisphenols in Australian Wastewater: Estimating Contributions from Point and Diffuse Sources



Fingerprinting Emerging Contaminants in Wastewater



Drugs and weedFacilitating Detection of New Psychoactive Substances in Wastewater (PhD)



Sportmans holding drugsWastewater Analysis for the Detection of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited Substances



Drugs and Powder in ziplock bagsInvestigating the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Drug Consumption Measured by Wastewater-based Epidemiology


Pills in handcuffsWastewater Analysis for Drug Monitoring in Correctional Facilities



Tobacco and CigaretteImproving Estimation of Tobacco Use by Wastewater-based Epidemiology



Wastewater treatment plantFacilitating Detection of New Psychoactive Substances in Wastewater



Pills and powderAssessing the Toxicity and Metabolism of New Psychoactive Substances and their Presence in Wastewater



Man sampling in riveImproved Monitoring of Hydrophilic Aquatic Contaminants of Emerging Concern



Wastewater treatment plantRevolutionizing Real-Time Genomic Epidemiology in Urban Wastewater Systems



Illicit drugs, pills, powder and syringeNational Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program



green wastewater pipe draining into the oceaUnderstanding Australia by Analysing Wastewater During the Census 2021



Tobacco and nicotine products in a pileEstimating the Use of Tobacco and Nicotine Products Through Wastewater Analysis 



Water PollutionRealistic Assessment of Biomarker Transformation in the Wastewater System 




Bees linkedEnvironmental Fate, Distribution and Human Exposure to Neonicotinoids in Australia 



Throw pills in toiletAssessing and Modelling Spatiotemporal Trends of Drug Consumptions in the Community by Wastewater-based Epidemiology


Great Barrier ReefTemporal Trend Analysis and Optimization of Exposure Monitoring Designs



Blood sampleUnderstanding Human Exposure to Benzotriazoles and Bezontriazole UV-Stabilizers in the Australian Population Using Human Biomonitoring and Wastewater Analysis


Fruit in a bowlThe Metabolic Syndrome in Relation to Nutritional Status and Food Consumption Patterns among Adults in Vietnam


Meth and other drugsUnderstanding Third Hand Exposure of Australian People to Methamphetamine 



Male scientist holding wastewater samplesExposure Mapping - Combining Wastewater Analysis with Human Biomonitoring 



Sick girl blowing noseAssociation of Family, Neighbourhood, and Psychosocial Environmental Factors With Asthma Trajectories Among Children in Australia 


ShipwreckHealth Risk Assessment of Mixed Metal/loids at and Near an Open Beaching Shipwrecking Yard in Bangladesh 



Watering plants with pesticideReducing Glyphosate Exposure from High Use Practices



Coloured test tubesNovel Testing Strategies for Endocrine Disruptors in the Context of Developmental Neuro Toxicity 



House with chemical pollution outsideEstablishing a National Program to Characterise Indoor Chemical Exposures



DataA Global Platform for Identifying Emerging Chemical Threats



Blood samples in text tubesDeveloping Protocols to Measure Plastic Chemicals in Human Brain, Blood and Urine



Mould and air pollution surrounding a manIdentification of Chemical and Biological Determinants, and their Sources, and Strategies to Promote Healthier Homes in Europe


Wastewater treatment plantThe Innovative Wastewater-Based Epidemiology Approach with the Advances of High Resolution Mass Spectrometry as a Complementary Biomonitoring Tool for Assessing the Health Status of a Population


Coloured tubes and urine samplesExposure to Plastic Additives and their Association with Oxidative Stress Biomarkers 



Cartoon Brain floating in handChemical Contamination in Humans and Links to Neurodegenerative Diseases



Plentiful and barren landscapes separated by waterUnderstanding Food Insecurity and Dietary Habits: A Comprehensive Analysis



Fancy pipeThird-hand Smoking of Methamphetamine: An Investigation of Airborne Methamphetamine Levels and Remediation Approach



Grass pollenPollen and its Contribution to Respiratory Outcomes in Subtropical Regions



Child with struggling with asthmaFood Allergy, Atopy and Asthma Risk is Affected by the Environment of the Child



Trees in the shape of kidneysInvestigating Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Aetiology: Pesticides and Heavy Metals as Potential Causes


Vege garden in the cityHow Greenspace Works: Which Factors Deliver the Best Health and Well-being



Pills spilt from orange jarUsing Multiple Data Sources to Understand the Opioid Crisis in Australia



Indoor Air PollutionImproving Indoor Environment Quality by Removing Semivolatile Organic Compounds from our Air